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Embarking on a Journey?

Going on a road trip can be both exciting and overwhelming. Here are a few things you must not forget when embarking on that trip.

Phone Charger

Make sure you double-check for your charger before leaving for your journey. It’s important that you stay reachable and are able to reach out in case of any emergency.

Means of Identification

Having a valid means of identification at hand helps you to be able to identify yourself as a law-abiding citizen in case of security checks along the road.

Drugs/Medicine Pouch

One of the first family road trip essentials you should pack is a first aid kit for minor aches and pains.You don’t need a lot, but make sure to bring the most essential ones.


Opt for high fibre, high protein snacks which are recommended for long periods of inactivity. Apples, bananas, cereal bars, and trail mix are all good options.

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