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Class, Control & Comfort

What We Offer

What We Offer
Airport Pick-up & Drop-Off

If you are flying international or local, you do not have to worry about pick up as you can pre-book any of our vehicles to be on standby before your arrival and to drop you off at the airport just in time to catch your flight. Most people entering Nigeria find us very reliable and affordable given the state of our vehicles and their safety in the hands of our professional drivers who treat our clients like the royalty that they are.We make bold to say that we are the best car hire/rental service in Nigeria suitable for extended days of use when visiting Nigeria.

Train Station Pick-up & Drop Off

With the reintroduction of train transportation and an overhaul of the rail network, we have positioned ourselves to give you the best of experience for your connecting ride to and from the train stations currently in Lagos and Ibadan. Feel free to choose from our fleet of vehicles for your pick up or drop off at the Train Station. We are reputable for timeliness and excellent delivery.

Intercity & Travels

When it comes to traveling out of town – whether it is same day return or extended stay – our clients do not worry about the stress of driving long distances or about the condition of the vehicle taking them. Our vehicles are vetted before journeys and we make sure that there is a 24 hours support system. Your security and safety is of utmost importance to us and we definitely want you to enjoy our 3cs – Class, Control & Comfort. When next you or your family and friend need to travel in a hired/rented vehicle, it should be ours if you are particular about their safety.

Short Trips/ Hourly Rate

You need to get to an eatery from your hotel, to a friend from home, a conference, or you are just visiting your parents for an hour or two. You do not need a whole day booking and we have you covered with our hourly rate. Please check our prices for oneoff drop off and pick up at desired location/destination.

Weddings & Other Occasions

Your Big day is actually important to us. Your ceremony requires a bespoke arrangement and a regal treatment. Whatever your taste is, we want you to be in control, enjoy a great level of comfort and ooze class to the admiration of the crowd. Let us add colour to your day while you sit back and savor the moment. Please check our packages for the vehicle that you consider befitting and at affordable prices too. Leave observers shouting “God When” when you arrive.

Students/Corpers’ package

Students can use our intercity shuttle to return home for a break during semesters/sessions. It is bespoke and affordable, since we are the most affordable car hire platform in the country. We are also the safest car hire company so there is absolutely nothing to worry about when making a journey in any of our vehicles, being the best car hire/cab service as some people say means that, we are broad in our thinking and provisions, and that is why we have created a shuttle for corp members as well. We take a group of prospective corps members from their home state to the state of deployment and drop them off right at the NYSC camp.

Share Rides

Sharing ride package at Easycars is exclusively designed for two or more people who feel that they prefer to share their space/ride with other commuters depending on the destination. A Shared ride also allows you to pay less than the full price given that the bill will be split by the number of people sharing the ride. You can do this for a short trip or intercity. A group of friends, associates/colleagues may find this very useful especially when attending the same function.

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